Intel Fellow Outlines Bright Future for Deep Learning

October 5, 2015 Rob Farber “Machine learning connects supercomputing to consumers; its impact will be felt everywhere.” So began Pradeep Dubey, an Intel Fellow and director of the Intel Parallel Computing Lab as he outlined key facets of deep learning, a special form of machine learning, and how new technology from the chipmaker is aimed at enabling a brilliant future for new applications that spans the full gamut of HPC, enterprise, and consumer end users. Pradeep explains that “training the model is everything”. Data scientists have been using machine-learning since the 1980s to create models that solve complex pattern recognition problems. The recent surge of interest in machine learning, especially deep learning, is the result of a convergence of technology innovations that now provide sufficient compute capability, large amounts of…

Link to Full Article: Intel Fellow Outlines Bright Future for Deep Learning

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