Intel will add deep-learning instructions to its processors

Some of the latest Intel processors support the AVX-512 family of vector instructions. These instructions operate on blocks of 512 bits (or 64 bytes). The benefit of such wide instructions is that even without increasing the processor clock speed, systems can still process a lot more data. Most code today operators over 64-bit words (8 bytes). In theory, keeping everything else constant, you could go 8 times faster by using AVX-512 instructions instead. Of course, not all code can make use of vector instructions… but that’s not relevant. What matters is whether your “hot code” (where the processor spends much of its time) can benefit from them. In many systems, the hot code is made of tight loops that need to run billions of times. Just the kind of code…

Link to Full Article: Intel will add deep-learning instructions to its processors

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