Intro to Machine Learning & NLP with Python and Weka

In this tutorial, you’ll be briefly introduced to machine learning with Python (2.x) and Weka, a data processing and machine learning tool. The activity is to build a simple spam filter for emails and learn machine learning concepts. This article is written by the Codementor team and is based on a Codementor Office Hour by Codementor Benjamin Cohen, a Data Scientist with a focus in Natural Language Processing. What is Machine Learning? In a nutshell, machine learning is basically learning from data. Way back when before access to data was plentiful and access to computing power was plentiful, people tried to hand-write rules to solve a lot of problems. E.g., if you see {{some word}}, it’s probably spam. If there’s a link in the email, it’s probably spam. That worked…

Link to Full Article: Intro to Machine Learning & NLP with Python and Weka

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