Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Vicarious

Artificial IntelligenceMany disruptive technologies have been first thought up by science fiction writers whose technology inventions were only limited by their imaginations. One of the most pervasive themes in science fiction has been the portrayal of computers or robots that demonstrate artificial intelligence or AI. Perhaps the most publicized form of artificial intelligence at the moment is IBM’s Watson, a cognitive computing platform that made headlines in 2011 by beating 2 humans in a Jeopardy game. Cognitive ComputingCognitive computing is a subset of AI. Specifically, it is the ability for a computer to learn more over time based on experience, something the human brain does naturally. The need for cognitive computing has arisen from the prevalence of “big data”, a term which refers to the increased “digitization” of everything around us (e.g. the Internet of Things).…

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