Is Google AI’s Encryption Better Than Human Encryption?

Google’s AI creates encryption that can be more secure than human encryption. Credit: Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images Researchers from the Google Brain deep learning project are reportedly working on an AI-generated encryption that is independent of any human feedback. Google’s AI Generated Encryption According to a new research paper, David G. Andersen and Martín Abadi, researchers at Google Brain deep learning project, have tested three neural networks named Alice, Bob and Eve that create their own AI-generated encryption. The three neural networks passed each other notes encrypted through a method they created themselves. The Google Brain based out in Mountain View is separate from Google’s Deep Mind Project based in London. For the experiment, Andersen and Abadi from Google Brain have set Alice, Bob and Eve neural networks to share the same…

Link to Full Article: Is Google AI’s Encryption Better Than Human Encryption?

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