Is Google Search going on auto-pilot with machine learning?

As Senior VP of Search, Amit Singhal leaves, the man who oversees Artificial Intelligence is replacing him. Everyone’s beloved (and sometimes feared) Google Search is going on auto-pilot mode soon. With senior VP of Search, Amit Singhal, announcing his retirement, John Giannandrea, who oversees the company’s AI research is going to take over, marking what may be the biggest change in Google’s Search algorithms yet. What you need to understand is that while Google’s Search currently does employ machine learning algorithms, it constitutes a small part. Giannandrea’s entry suggests that things are going to turn the other way now. What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning in short is how computers can process data on their own, learning as new data is discovered or entered. It’s similar to traditional algorithms, in…

Link to Full Article: Is Google Search going on auto-pilot with machine learning?

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