Japanese group takes on Google’s ‘Go’-winning artificial intelligence

A Japanese group is planning to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) aimed at bettering Google Inc.’s software that beat a human professional player at the traditional board game Go last October. Computer software developers and researchers teamed with Dwango Co., operator of video-sharing website Nico Nico Douga, and the Nihon Ki-in, an organization of professional Go players, to form the group. It announced the project, named “DeepZenGo,” on March 1. “Spending six months to a year, we will aim to develop software that can match (Google’s AI) AlphaGo,” said Nobuo Kawakami, Dwango’s chairman. In recent years, the capabilities of computer software for playing Go have improved to the level equivalent to human amateur players’ 6-dan, the third rank from the top among nonprofessional players. It had been estimated that it…

Link to Full Article: Japanese group takes on Google’s ‘Go’-winning artificial intelligence

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