Joanna Bryson to investigate policy impacts of artificial intelligence in Princeton fellowship

Mon Aug 24 12:06:00 BST 2015

In a recent post for the Freedom to Tinker blog, Dr Joanna Bryson explores the idea of robots as moral agents and warns of the dangers of removing humans from decision making.

Freedom to Tinker is the blog of the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) at Princeton University.  Dr Bryson started a year-long fellowship with CITP in August.

She will spend her sabbatical year exploring how individuals choose to act for or against the common good. Through both sociological research and technological experiments she hopes to better understand when and why people make efforts to benefit society, and how they vary in different economies.

She will also explore how technology can affect such decisions.

With a broad academic background, Dr Bryson is an expert on artificial intelligence (AI) with particular interest in how we can use it to understand natural intelligence.

Dr Bryson has published on the ethics of AI since 1998 and co-authored the 2011 ‘ESPRC Principles of Robotics’ policy document. It is CITP’s focus on policy that drew her to apply for the Fellowship.

“The Center grew out of computer science,” she said. “They bring a strong technical background to IT policy.

“The term ‘AI’ has negative associations yet we use AI every day. It is entrenched in almost everything we do with IT, from Google to Facebook to smartphones.

“AI policy is important, because we need to educate the public about AI and how it is changing what we know and when we can know it.  We want to help the public understand how technology affects their decision making, and decisions made about them.”

Source: Joanna Bryson to investigate policy impacts of artificial intelligence in Princeton fellowship

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