Jodie Tyley :Artificial Intelligence: How Close Are We to Real AI?

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was coined more than half a century ago, but it has only started to become a reality in the last couple of decades. This got us thinking at How It Works – how close are we to real AI? Today, robots are working alongside humans in many hotels and factories while driverless cars have started to emerge, having had many successful test drives already.Inspite of most of the general public appreciating the incredible engineering that goes into AI, the technology itself doesn’t have the best public image due to the constant threat it represents in sci-fi films. People really are worried that AI will one day take over the world and wipe out the human race.Although the scenarios portrayed in these movies are sometimes designed…

Link to Full Article: Jodie Tyley :Artificial Intelligence: How Close Are We to Real AI?

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