Kevin Ochsner: Neuroscience Research and the Rise of Neuroethics

In this podcast, we continue our discussion of the ethics of neuroscience research with an excerpt from a panel entitled “When Social Psychology and Neuroscience Research Merge” at the 2007 HRPP Conference during which Dr. Kevin Ochsner of Columbia University addresses the pragmatic concerns of a social cognitive neuroscientist. Play the podcast in the player below or download it to your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Dr. Ochsner looks at the complicated nature of consent in neuroscience and behavioral research, acknowledging that the risks and benefits of this type of research can be hard to define, making it difficult for IRBs to review. Some of the common ethical issues that arise: The issue of deception and when it is justifiable in social-psychological studies How to effectively safeguard and screen participants…

Link to Full Article: Kevin Ochsner: Neuroscience Research and the Rise of Neuroethics

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