Knowm Snaps in Final Piece of Memristor Puzzle

Adaptive computing company Knowm Inc. says it has cleared a major technological hurdle in the pursuit of practical artificial neural network (ANN) chips that has stymied deeper-pocketed competitors, including IBM and HP. As the first to develop memristors capable of bi-directional incremental learning capability, the Santa Fe, NM-based startup can move forward with its ANN chip architecture, the intended substrate for a new generation of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.According to company CEO and co-founder Alex Nugent, its “thermodynamic RAM” (kT-RAM) artificial neural network (ANN) architecture confers two major advantages over simulated approaches on conventional digital circuits: A merging of memory and processing avoids the need to move data around. Data can be collocated in the same place where it’s computed. Each kT-RAM memristor holds 6-9 bits of information. Rather than simply being…

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