Learn deeply, but baby, don’t fear the Skynet

Who’s afraid of AlphaGo? Everyone who’s anyone, you might think. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking have all expressed concern about the “existential threat” of AI, just as “deep learning” neural networks are revolutionizing the AI field. Should we be scared for our jobs? Or even our species? Fear not, I have answers! They are, respectively, “maybe,” and “don’t be ridiculous.” This discussion of AI lasted a full ten minutes before someone brought up the prospect of the eradication of the human species. Progress! — Jon Evans (@rezendi) May 23, 2016 It is right to describe recent AI developments as a “breakthrough,” as Frank Chen of Andreessen Horowitz does in this excellent presentation which summarizes both the history and the state of the art. Chen ends with a bold…

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