Learning from AlphaGo

Learning from AlphaGo AI shock should be the much-needed wake-up call to shake our society out of lethargy. Jan 09,2017 Korea’s top-ranking Go player Lee Se-dol, right, plays the first go game with Google’s artificial intelligence AlphaGo on March 9, 2016, in Seoul. [AP/YONHAP] After becoming the first professional champion to lose in the ancient brain game to a machine in the historic match against Google’s artificial intelligence AlphaGo in March last year, Korea’s top-ranking Go player Lee Se-dol assured Go aficionados that it was just him that had lost, not the human race. As the year progressed, other champions have one by one been humbled.Top players from Korea, China and Japan, including current world champion Ke Jie, all challenged the computer program, and by Jan. 4, the scoreboard was…

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