Machine Learning Advances Cybersecurity: Battery Ventures’ View

An office worker who usually spends time in programs like PowerPoint suddenly logs into the company expense records system. Data-sifting computers are on the alert for unusual behavior like this across the globe, and Dharmesh Thakker thinks they’ll help thwart criminal hackers who pose a growing threat to companies. Thakker, a general partner at Battery Ventures’ Silicon Valley office, says computers that not only collect data but also draw conclusions from it—using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques—will significantly bolster company defenses and possibly reduce security breaches in 2016. A core mission of such learning machines is detecting activity that varies from normal patterns, because that’s an early warning sign of a cyberattack, Thakker (pictured above) says. Battery Ventures has identified cybersecurity as one of its three main areas of…

Link to Full Article: Machine Learning Advances Cybersecurity: Battery Ventures’ View

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