Machine Learning Algorithms for Business Applications – Complete Guide

With the development of free, open-source machine learning and artificial intelligence tools like Google’s TensorFlow and sci-kit learn, as well as “ML-as-a-service” products like Google’s Cloud Prediction API and Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning platform, it’s never been easier for companies of all sizes to harness the power of data. But machine learning is such a vast, complex field. Where do you start learning how to use it in your business?In this article, we’ll survey the current landscape of machine learning algorithms and explain how they work, provide example applications, share how other companies use them, and provide further resources on learning about them. This executive overview will provide the first step in learning how to apply machine learning algorithm(s) to make your business more efficient, more effective, and more profitable.…

Link to Full Article: Machine Learning Algorithms for Business Applications – Complete Guide

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