Machine Learning and Airport Security See Eye to Eye

(Gabriel Petrescu/Shutterstock) Who hasn’t groaned at the sight of a long airport security line? The prospect of standing for hours on end has become all too common at airports around the world. But soon, airports may be piloting security programs based on behavior recognition and machine learning, instead of asking passengers to practice patience. As we know, patience is becoming a lost art, but predictive analytics based on sensor, device, and video data is a technology art form that airlines and airports are exploring. The 9/11 attacks and the 2001 Shoe Bomber’s attempt are among the most well-known security threats, and they upended how we travel. To protect passengers and crews, airports have made finding dangerous items their primary objective. Causing long lines at entry points as travelers remove shoes…

Link to Full Article: Machine Learning and Airport Security See Eye to Eye

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