Machine Learning Can Tell Which Tweets Are Sent While Drunk

Back in the day before social networking, terms like drunk-dialing existed in which a person gets drunk and then calls someone, like an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband. Later when texting came along, drunk-texting became a thing, but now thanks to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, posting status updates while drunk is the new “in” thing. That being said, have you ever wondered how to tell if a tweet was posted while under the influence of alcohol? Sure, sometimes it’s a dead giveaway with typos and exaggerated punctuation, but sometimes it’s not, which is why Nabil Hossain and his friends at the University of Rochester decided to train a machine to identify tweets that were sent out while the user was drunk. For starters the method was straightforward in which tweets were filtered…

Link to Full Article: Machine Learning Can Tell Which Tweets Are Sent While Drunk

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