Machine Learning Opens Up Cloud Opportunity For GPUs

By James Wang, Analyst: Web x.0 Machine learning – software that gets smarter by learning from data – is exploding in popularity. To keep up, servers – the workhorse of the Internet – will have to get a lot smarter. Specifically, they’ll need greater computing horsepower to process image, voice and other forms of cognitive workloads. Today, servers are primarily composed of processors, memory, storage and networking. Servers built for machine learning, however, will need an additional ingredient – graphics processing units (GPUs).1 ARK estimates2 that GPUs could comprise up to 75% of the value of these servers as machine learning becomes a primary workload. This dramatic shift in the hardware mix will siphon value away from the central processing unit (CPU) to the benefit of GPU manufacturers. The Internet…

Link to Full Article: Machine Learning Opens Up Cloud Opportunity For GPUs

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