Machine Learning So Easy, Even Your Cat Could Do It (Part 1)

Hi guys!I’m Julie, the Ops Manager over here at indico, and I’m pretty solidly on the non-technical side of things. I’m going to show how you, yes you, can use our APIs to bring machine learning into your life. I brought them into mine, and it was super easy.  So I welcome you to a new series entitled “Wizard Hats + Cats” brought to you by little ole me. Back to that non-technical part. Let’s just say that until recently, my expertise had nothing to do with technology. Think: real estate (EOP), accounting (Ernst & Young), and construction (Shawmut Design and Construction). The one thread that runs through all the phases of my career is my hunger for knowledge. I have always been my own IT help desk. I blogged in my dorm room…

Link to Full Article: Machine Learning So Easy, Even Your Cat Could Do It (Part 1)

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