Machine’s ‘silent treatment’ exposes flaw in Turing test

When our robot overlords launch the nukes and seize control of the planet, chances are they’ll rise up first in the United States. And they definitely won’t deliver evil speeches when they’re running the place. Those are the conclusions a technophobe might draw from a new study identifying a possible flaw in the Turing Test, which is considered a means for evaluating artificial intelligence. The study found that a machine can successfully masquerade as a thinking entity during a blind conversation, if it is allowed to remain silent whenever it chooses (i.e. plead the Fifth Amendment, in U.S. legal terms). The Turing test, or imitation game, was developed by famed mathematician Alan Turing to evaluate whether a machine can present itself as a thinking entity by simulating the quirks, imperfections…

Link to Full Article: Machine’s ‘silent treatment’ exposes flaw in Turing test

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