Madden NFL 16: Lots More Features Make For More Offensive Gameplay

EA (NASDAQ:EA) Sports has long had a monopoly when it comes to football. With football being the most popular sport in the US, the Madden NFL franchise is very important for EA and its shareholders.

The company has released a 10-hour game trial for members of EA Access, which is currently exclusive to the Xbox One. The trial includes the full version of the game with all modes accessible. EA has been looking for ways to make the franchise more immersive. With the help of current generation consoles, EA Sports has been able to offer some of the best visuals in the series yet. It has also strived to offer a smooth online experience for gamers.

The last installment was criticized for visible bugs and glitches as well as the commentary. It is very difficult to develop a game like Madden, and this was said to be one of the reasons for numerous bugs in the last version of the game. Moreover, it was also criticized for the lack of modern day decision making by the artificial intelligence in the game.

EA Sports has made amends to numerous issues pointed out before, in order to offer fans the best possible experience. The game starts off dramatically, with a visualization of Super Bowl 50. The game takes place between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals, and does a good job making players familiar with some of the new features in the game.

One new feature is the ability to make a run right after catching the ball. Doing so diminishes the probability of the player making a catch. Moreover, if done right, the player could gain useful yards right after the catch. Another feature enables jumping high for the ball, during which you may be able to catch long range balls, but may make yourself vulnerable to attacks from defenders. The last feature, allows you to focus on grabbing the ball without making any yards.

EA Sports hasn’t brought about big changes to the menus and select screens this time; the game feels and looks very much the same. The only noticeable visual change comes in the cut-scenes, wherein interaction between players and coaches has increased. There are also new highlight reels which render footage more action based than before, thanks to dynamic camera angles.

As EA mentioned earlier, its line of sports games will be a lot more accessible for newcomers this time, and thanks to the skills trainer mode, and certain changes in settings, newcomers can easily immerse themselves into the Madden franchise. Even casual football fans would have a great time with the game thanks to this feature. It will be incorporated in upcoming EA Sports games like FIFA, NHL and NBA as well.

The new Draft champion mode is a great addition to the Madden franchise and will increase its longevity when fans are bored of other modes. In terms of gameplay, quarter backs are a lot more aware of their surroundings. Deep balls are now a lot more accessible when the player wants them to be thrown. This iteration of Madden NFL is therefore, a lot more offensive.

Quarter backs can also more easily escape pockets, allowing players more time to make decisions over passes to throw. What stands out about this version is the passing mode, which has been revamped to look more like the actual game. The defenders’s ability to tackle attackers after they make a pass adds a nice touch.

Other modes are by and large similar to Madden NFL 15, and there are still bugs now and then. One hopes the bugs will be taken care of once the game releases officially, and that they will be handled in the future via regular updates. Music is an important aspect of every sports game, and Madden NFL 16 has a great list of tracks with a nostalgic feel.

The career mode still needs work, as artificial intelligence still plays out badly, and there are still frame rate and lag issues that hurt performance.

Madden NFL 16 is a great addition to a franchise that has seen stagnant growth. EA’s main source of income is the FIFA series, however, it is trying hard to make NBA and NHL more appealing. Though NFL 16 helps new football fans going, a lot comes down to how EA handles online services and their promotion in the future.

Source: Madden NFL 16: Lots More Features Make For More Offensive Gameplay

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