Man urges world to save itself from killer robots by pledging allegiance to them

Experts like Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates have warned about the coming of killer robots that could destroy thousands of lives.

Now one man is doing his best to keep himself, and as many people as possible, out of the firing line.

Experts fear these robots could be initially developed by humans as a weapon of war, but gradually develop minds of their own, and a very human thirst for power.

Although some might dismiss the rise of dangerous artificial intelligence as belonging strictly to sci-fi, Brandon Sherrets, 41, is convinced it could happen within our lifetime.

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He has founded the International Registry of Humans Pledging Allegiance to Killer Robots, which will give our future robot overlords the names of their loyal subjects and hopefully save them from destruction.

Despite being set up last week, he already has more than 20 names from as far afield as USA, Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand and Brazil.

Mr Sherrets, who works as a hospital manager in California when he is not trying to save the world, said: “We’re seeking to make registrants a bit safer than they might otherwise be in the event the world becomes overrun with killer robots. Call us defeatists or realists or just well prepared. I pledge allegiance to killer robots website founder Brandon Sherrets Founder: Brandon Sherrets is Chief Executive of the I pledge allegiance to killer robots website

“I would say that a killer robots are coming – make no mistake about it. The technology is advancing at almost an exponential rate, and unfortunately, there is no amount of legislation that can stop it.

“Estimates vary regarding when true, general artificial intelligence will emerge. Some say it will take more than 40 years, others say it’s a matter of several years. As you probably know, notables such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak and Stephen Hawking have all voiced concerns over AI.

“Mankind will just have to learn to accept the fact that it’s coming. When? who knows… but it could be before 2020.”

The register will work by being easily accessible to robots who will stumble across it while trawling the internet for information that will help them take over the world.

Website: The register of willing robot subjects is designed to be easily searchable by them

He said: “The expectation is that the artificial intelligence will scrape the website and identify those folks who have pledged allegiance.

“The registry is brand new- we just started adding registrants last week. We have about 20 members as of now.”

The idea came about, as all the best seemingly harebrained schemes do – in the pub.

He said: “The idea came about when several friends and I were talking at our local pub. We’re all a bit nerdy, and interested in this sort of thing.

Professor Stephen Hawking Warning: Professor Stephen Hawking has said we should ban killer robots before it is too late

“We quickly came to a consensus that killer robots/AI were inevitable, and we looked around the internet and couldn’t find anyone who was “speaking” on our behalf.

“So we decided to start it ourselves.”

It’s up to you to judge how serious the threat from AI really is, or whether it should be treated as just an elaborate joke.

But just to be on the safe side, the registry can be found here.

It also does a nifty line in branded T-shirts for people who want to show their allegiance more publically.

Source: Man urges world to save itself from killer robots by pledging allegiance to them

Via: Google Alerts for AI

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