Meet The World’s Fastest Robot Arm

It might not be anything quite like Skynet – the fictional artificial intelligence system that took over the world in the Terminator film franchise – but the winner of Amazon’s second annual robot Picking Challenge won this year’s challenge thanks to a “combination of deep learning artificial intelligence and depth-sensing cameras,” according to engadet. This year’s winner, the Netherlands’ TU Delft, won both the stowing and warehouse picking portions of the competition thanks in part to its adaptive AI, which allowed it to study 3D scans of the stockroom beforehand, which in turn allowed it to determine the best ways to pick and stock the items using its gripper and suction cup. All that studying seems to have paid off for the TU Delft, as it recorded a “near-flawless” score…

Link to Full Article: Meet The World’s Fastest Robot Arm

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