Meetup talk: Why do Liberals Drink Lattes?

Do you ever wonder why there are particular lifestyle choices common to people with similar political beliefs? Last Fall, Professor Michael W. Macy from Cornell University presented his work on the correlation between lifestyle and political choices, in a meetup talk titled, “Why do Liberals Drink Lattes?” There is an underlying assumption that a person’s lifestyle is influenced by a person’s ideology.  Hence liberals, who are assumed to love foreign materials, are associated with drinking lattes.  Past surveys correlating political beliefs and lifestyle habits have used multivariate linear models to collect and analyze data, but Professor Macy believes these results are inaccurate, as these methods assume the observations are independent and randomly distributed.  According to him, the data from these surveys does not take into consideration the effect of one’s…

Link to Full Article: Meetup talk: Why do Liberals Drink Lattes?

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