Michael Drew

Swan, A.A., Clutton, J.E., Chary, P.K., Cook, S.G., Liu, G.G., & Drew, M.R. (in revision) Characterization of the role of adult neurogenesis in touch-screen discrimination learning Denny, C.A., Burghardt, N.S., Schachter, D.M., Hen, R. and Drew, M.R. (2012). 4-6 week old adult-born hippocampal neurons influence novelty-evoked exploration and contextual fear conditioning. Hippocampus. Drew, M.R., Denny, C.A., & Hen, R. (2010).  Arrest of adult hippocampal neurogenesis impairs single- but not multiple-trial contextual fear conditioning. Behavioral Neuroscience, 124, 446-54. Balsam, P.D., Drew, M.R., Gallistel, C.R. (2010). Time and Associative Learning.  Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews, 5, 1-22. David, D.J., Samuels, B.A., Rainer, Q., Wang, J.W., Marsteller, D., Mendez, I., Drew, M.R., Craig, D.A., Giard, B.P., Guilloux, J.P., Artymyshyn, R.P., Gardier, A.M., Gerald, C., Antonijevic, I.A., Hen, R. (2009). Behavioral Effects Of Fluoxetine…

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