Microsoft AI Tay awakens, has druggy Twitter meltdown, dozes off again

Enlarge Image<div id=”1c6310eb-d6b4-4d6b-88e2-55ff0e9b2b62″ class=”enlargeImage” data-component=”globalModal” data-global-modal-options=”{“content”:””,”modalTemplate”:”{{content}}”,”setContentOnInit”:false}”/>Microsoft’s AI chat bot, Tay, in action (before it got racist and rowdy). Microsoft Apparently, waking up grumpy is a universal trait for teens.Microsoft’s Tay, the artificial-intelligence teenage chatbot, was put to bed last week after its exposure to Twitter left it a horny racist. But after a short nap, it awoke on Wednesday to spew nonsensical rubbish for a couple of hours before dozing off again. Teenagers, eh?The AI Twitter bot started life as a Microsoft research project, designed to learn the art of millennial conversation through interactions with real people. But just like all kids these days, Tay grew up too fast. Within hours, the chatterbot had been taught by Twitter about the very worst things on the Internet. Its parents at Microsoft…

Link to Full Article: Microsoft AI Tay awakens, has druggy Twitter meltdown, dozes off again

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