Microsoft Azure Adds GPUs, Beefs Up CPU Compute

October 1, 2015 Timothy Prickett Morgan For certain kinds of modeling, simulation, and machine learning workloads, the advent of GPU coprocessors has been a watershed event. But as we have discussed before here at The Platform, there is a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem when it comes to using accelerated computing on the public cloud. The cloud builders want to know there are enough workloads that companies want to deploy using GPUs for visualization or compute will want to run before they make the substantial hardware investments that are required. Remember, the name of the game for hyperscalers is to have as much homogeneity in their infrastructure as possible. This is why HPC-related technologies such as InfiniBand networking and GPU acceleration are not as widespread. But clearly there is enough…

Link to Full Article: Microsoft Azure Adds GPUs, Beefs Up CPU Compute

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