Microsoft Bets On Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s future depends in part on its development of fringe technology like augmented reality and artificial intelligence, according to Vice President Stephen Boyle. Boyle evangelized Microsoft’s two sci-fi-esque technologies — HoloLens and Cortana — to partners. “HoloLens is not right for everybody, but HoloLens is going to change industries in a way that most of us, and certainly I’m one of them, can’t yet fully imagine,” Boyle said of the augmented reality system. HoloLens developer kits are available now and have already begun to ship in North America. “We’re going to see manufacturing, education, retail experiences change as a result of augmented reality,” Boyle said. When it comes down to it, Boyle explained, a technology like HoloLens is just a platform that needs solutions that solve customers’ problems. “The same…

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