Microsoft is using Minecraft as a testing ground for AI

Recently we were all amazed and, admittedly, slightly frightened, as Google’s AI called AlphaGo played Go against world champion Lee Se-dol and emerged victorious more than once. The algorithms behind AlphaGo are inspired by the human mind, allowing it to learn from experience; it didn’t beat Lee Se-dol because it was programmed to win, it learned strategies by playing the game itself. AI such as AlphaGo that can learn like a human is an exciting branch of technology and if a recent announcement from Microsoft is anything to go by, it’s one we’re determined to develop further in some interesting ways.According to Microsoft, a team of their researchers is using the world of Minecraft to try and train an AI character to learn how to do things like climb to the…

Link to Full Article: Microsoft is using Minecraft as a testing ground for AI

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