Microsoft + Machine Learning Can Help You Look Younger #StrataHadoop

“How old do I look?” It’s a question we’re dying to ask other people, but we hesitate because we’re afraid of the answer we’ll get. And when someone asks us how old they look, we run for the hills. Tell some 30 year-olds they look 40 and you risk wrecking their days — as well as your relationships. But robots can tread where people dare not. Trust the Data or the Mirror? Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president, Information Management and Machine Learning at Microsoft, and his team built a bot that can tell how old you look. They leveraged APIs and features from the Cortana Analytics Suite, big data, machine learning, the elasticity of the Cloud and a boatload of photos in the process. They then invited engineers who came…

Link to Full Article: Microsoft + Machine Learning Can Help You Look Younger #StrataHadoop

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