Microsoft revives ‘Hitler-loving sex bot’ Tay, spamming 200K followers

Last week, Microsoft had to delete an innocent Artificial Intelligence chat robot from Twitter, after it transformed into an evil Hitler-loving, sex-promoting, “Bush did 9/11”-proclaiming robot.  Tay has a dirty mouth Microsoft has brought Tay back to life on Twitter, but she has already been causing confusion by repeating phrases over and over again – possibly a result of the bot tweeting at itself, replying to itself and so on. Currently, the Twitter account is protected so only confirmed followers have access to her tweets and profile. Ha, looks like @TayandYou, Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence bot’s got into an infinite loop by tweeting itself!— Matt Gray (@unnamedculprit) March 30, 2016 I think the reactivation of @TayandYou is crashing my twitter— SEFD (@SEFDStuff) March 30, 2016 Despite the confusion caused by Tay’s tweets, she seems to be…

Link to Full Article: Microsoft revives ‘Hitler-loving sex bot’ Tay, spamming 200K followers

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