Microsoft’s new artificial intelligence is as accurate as humans

 Microsoft researchers from the Speech & Dialog research group include, from back left, Wayne Xiong, Geoffrey Zweig, Xuedong Huang, Dong Yu, Frank Seide, Mike Seltzer, Jasha Droppo and Andreas Stolcke. (Photo: Microsoft blog) Microsoft published a research paper on 17 October wherein a team of researchers and engineers of the company’s Artificial Intelligence and Research reported a speech recognition system that makes the same or fewer errors than humans who professionally transcript files do. The researchers reported a word error rate (WER) of 5.9 per cent. With this accomplishment, the company says the computers can now recognize the words in a conversation as well as a person would. “Even five years ago, I wouldn’t have thought we could have achieved this. I just wouldn’t have thought it would be possible,” said Harry…

Link to Full Article: Microsoft’s new artificial intelligence is as accurate as humans

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