‘Military’ Uses of Neuroscience Have Tended to Stumble, Moreno Says

Dr. Jonathan Moreno of UPenn lectures at NIH. At the height of the Cold War more than half a century ago, LSD research failed the acid test when investigators, hoping the drug would render its takers unable to lie, found instead that users were unable to be coherent. In the intervening decades, many attempts by U.S. military and security interests to harvest discoveries in neurobiology and psychology for their own uses have fallen as flat as an unwittingly dosed soldier, staggering stoned in a meadow. And as improbable as it sounds, given recent advances in medicine and technology, the old standbys—sex, alcohol and propaganda—remain the cheapest and most effective tools for bending minds. So reported Dr. Jonathan Moreno, a philosopher and historian at the University of Pennsylvania who spoke at…

Link to Full Article: ‘Military’ Uses of Neuroscience Have Tended to Stumble, Moreno Says

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