Minibus Offers 3-For-1 On Tech Trends

Think of some recent tech trends and you might name self-driving cars, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. All three have now been combined in an electric vehicle. Olli is a 12-seater self-driving minibus that’s partially operated by IBM Watson, the artificial intelligence system that famously beat two Jeopardy! champions and has since been used for projects including medical diagnosis. The good news for those terrified by the idea of machines learning so much they go rogue, the customized Watson tech isn’t taking care of the driving. Instead it’s taking care of some of the tasks that human drivers and guides would normally do such as engaging in spoken conversations with passengers about the journey, any route decisions, and local landmarks. To add to the modern gadgetry, the shell of Olli…

Link to Full Article: Minibus Offers 3-For-1 On Tech Trends

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