MIT’s 168-Core Chip Could Bring AI to Smartphones, IoT Devices

At the ISSCC show last week, MIT researchers  unveiled a chip they say will give mobile and embedded devices deep-learning capabilities. MIT researchers believe they have found a way to bring deep-learning capabilities to smartphones.At the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) last week, the researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology introduced a 168-core chip that they said will enable smartphones and other mobile and embedded devices to run artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms locally, letting much of the work of collecting and processing data be done on the device itself.Currently, data collected by these devices, systems and sensors are uploaded to the Internet for processing by power servers, after which data is then sent back to the device. This opens up an array of issues, from latency and network…

Link to Full Article: MIT’s 168-Core Chip Could Bring AI to Smartphones, IoT Devices

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