MIT’s scary-smart computer algorithm outperforms 2/3 of humans

While computers have gotten incredibly adept at churning through large amounts of data, human intuition is usually needed to analyze that information and to put it in context. Well, for the moment, at least, but researchers from MIT are working on an algorithm that could change all that. According to Gizmodo and Slashgear, Max Kanter and colleagues from the institute’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory are working on a new computer system capable of detecting interesting or unusual patterns hidden in massive databases. Early tests of the computer show that it is more than a match for human intuition. In fact, when matched against people in a trio of big-data analysis contests, MIT’s so-called Data Science Machine outperformed its flesh-and-blood counterparts, achieving better scores than 615 of the 906…

Link to Full Article: MIT’s scary-smart computer algorithm outperforms 2/3 of humans

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