Most Americans think machines will have our jobs in 50 yrs

At our Post Seed event last year, Vinod Khosla spoke about machine learning and automation, predicting that artificial intelligence would replace nearly half of all jobs. Everyone from hamburger flippers to legal researchers to radiologists, even venture capitalists, could all eventually lose their job to a machine. It’s a view that is also shared by many working Americans, according to a new study out from Pew on Thursday. A survey of 2,001 adults found that two-thirds of them, 65 percent, think that that robots and computers will “definitely” or “probably” do much of the work currently done by humans within the next 50 years. Only 32 percent said it would “probably not,” or “definitely not” happen. That’s a fair assessment, I think. Here’s the funny part, though: everyone seems to think that it’s everyone else…

Link to Full Article: Most Americans think machines will have our jobs in 50 yrs

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