Mothers may pass daughters a brain wired for depression

A mother and her daughter raise their hands on a beach at dawn on New Year’s Day in Cancun January 1, 2012. Reuters/Victor Ruiz Garcia <span class=”focusParagraph articleLocation”>(Reuters Health) – Mothers may pass on vulnerability to depression in much the same way they give their daughters green eyes or curly hair – girls might inherit a brain structure that’s predisposed to mood disorders, a small U.S. study suggests. Researchers focused on what’s known as the brain’s corticolimbic system, the interconnected brain areas responsible for regulating emotion that also influence depression, stress responses and memory. They studied the brains of 35 families, including parents and their biological children, and found the particular contours of the corticolimbic system are more likely to be passed down from mothers to daughters than from mothers…

Link to Full Article: Mothers may pass daughters a brain wired for depression

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