MRes Computational Statistics and Machine Learning

COMPGI01 Supervised Learning This module covers supervised approaches to machine learning. It starts by reviewing fundamentals of statistical decision theory and probabilistic pattern recognition followed by an in-depth introduction to various supervised learning algorithms such as Perceptron, Backpropagation algorithm, Decision trees, instance-based learning, support vector machines. Algorithmic-independent principles such as inductive bias, side information, approximation and estimation errors. Assessment of algorithms by jackknife and bootstrap error estimation, improvement of algorithms by voting methods such as boosting. Introduction to statistical learning theory, hypothesis classes, PAC learning model, VC-dimension, growth functions, empirical risk minimization, structural risk minimization. Students will gain an in-depth familiarity with various classical and contemporary supervised learning algorithms, understand the underlying limitations and principles that govern learning algorithms and ways of assessing and improving their performance, understand the underlying…

Link to Full Article: MRes Computational Statistics and Machine Learning

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