MS trigger may be death of myelin-producing cells

New research on mice shows that the death of nerve cells that make myelin triggers an autoimmune response against myelin, the loss of which is the main feature of multiple sclerosis in humans.This image shows a region of de-myelinated nerve cells (dark patch in the center) surrounded by otherwise healthy cells (green).Image credit: Maria Traka/University of Chicago However, it is possible to prevent the trigger with nanoparticles – even after the myelin-producing cells are lost – say the researchers, who are already preparing the nanoparticles for clinical trials. The study, from the University of Chicago and Northwestern Medicine – also of Chicago, IL – is published in the journal Nature Neuroscience. The findings are the result of using a new strain of mice for studying multiple sclerosis (MS). About 2.5…

Link to Full Article: MS trigger may be death of myelin-producing cells

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