Nauhaus, Ian – Neuroscience

Garrett M.*, Nauhaus I.*, Marshel J.H., Callaway M. (2014) Topography and areal organization of mouse visual cortex. 37:12587-12600. J. Neurosci. Nauhaus I., Nielsen K.J. (2014) Building maps from maps in primary visual cortex. Curr Opinion in Neurobiology 24:1-6. Nauhaus I.*, Nielsen K.J.*, Disney A.A., Callaway E.M. (2012) Orthogonal micro-organization of orientation and spatial frequency in primate primary visual cortex. Nature Neuroscience 12:1683-90. Marshel J.H., Kaye A.P., Nauhaus I., Callaway E.M. (2012) Anterior-posterior direction opponency in the superficial mouse lateral geniculate nucleus. 4:713-20 Neuron. Sato T.K., Nauhaus I., Carandini M. (2012) Traveling waves in visual cortex. Neuron. 2:218-29. Nauhaus I., Busse L., Ringach D.L., Carandini M. (2012) Robustness of traveling waves in visual cortex. Journal of Neuroscience.  9:3088-94

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