Nearly Half of All Jobs in Japan Could Be Done by Robots, AI: Report

A humanoid robot serves as a clerk at a hotel in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan. Bloomberg News Half of Japan’s working population could be replaced by robots or artificial-intelligence programs within the next 10 to 20 years, Nomura Research Institute said in a report released Wednesday. The institute studied about 600 occupations together with researchers from Oxford University. They used an algorithm to examine each profession and the level of creativity or systematic flow it required by the worker, and found that 49% of them could be handled by computerization. According to the institute, professions that could be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence are mainly those that don’t involve creativity or special knowledge, while those that can be focus on data analysis or systematic operations. The latter professions include train drivers, receptionists, oil refinery workers and…

Link to Full Article: Nearly Half of All Jobs in Japan Could Be Done by Robots, AI: Report

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