Netflix, Personalized Medicine, and Fraud Prevention

“Machine Learning is everywhere.” This is a phrase we see often these days, and it’s pretty close to a genuine truism. Netflix, Amazon, Siri, Pandora, the list goes on. But it’s not just entertainment and media. It’s also everything from the post office to healthcare to traffic to security. Really close analysis suggests that, for a great many of us, virtually every moment of our lives is touched at some point by Machine Learning. Is this a good thing? There was a time when anything that conjured the spectre of “Big Brother” would be understood as a clear negative. The mantra “Big Brother is watching you” was meant to suggest a tyrannical power watching over and controlling every aspect of our lives. But in today’s world of innovative Big Data, Machine Learning,…

Link to Full Article: Netflix, Personalized Medicine, and Fraud Prevention

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