Networked AI in cloud and IoT already exceeds human ability

The progress of artificial intelligence has been mired by controversy, unreasonable expectations, exaggerated claims, broken promises, frustration and disappointment. But these are all manifestations of the initial lack of understanding of the complexity involved, coupled with an inability to even define and quantify intelligence. Science fiction has also played a part in setting unrealistic public expectations with machines exhibiting humanoid intelligences comparable or exceeding ours. This all looks set to changes with AI now on a very visible growth curve: Gary Kasparov defeated at chess by IBM Deep Blue in 1997; IBM Watson dethroning Ken Jennings as the grand master of general knowledge in 2011; Watson achieving superior medical patient diagnostics in 2012; Le Sedol, the Go world champion defeated by Google’s DeepMind in 2014; And in 2015, several Poker…

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