I would like to initiate a discussion on some topics, which I described in my book (http://amzn.to/2mwSjCr). This is not a commercial message (a trial to accelerate selling of my book) – I just do not have better / simpler way to send you my book on cognitive / brain logic topic (mostly). The book is, in fact, the invitation to such a discussion:

I started to analyze the brain from the view 1 layer up of the hardware 🙂 (Layer 2 of the ISO OSI model of the network and up) i.e. on the basic cyber logic with consequences on “instruction level” of neurons (defining the “aminonics” approach / solution).

I proposed the theory of the evolution of species based on genetics which contradicts the Darwin’s theory (well, it moves the Darwin theory down to some 3% importance / effectivity in real life). The theory perfectly shows the mechanism of talent transfer from parents to childs based on genetics (I wonder if it was explained ever).

I proposed the proverbs as a form of differential equation to be basic way of neuronal activity. The instruction set of neuron could be aminoacid chemical reaction but on very low level of cyber operations – both input and output is information stored in atomic structure of the aminoacid. Data are coded on this level – not just on the level of 0s and 1s. Extremely fast processing – do you know how fast is a chemical reaction? Picoseconds? Fentoseconds? Attoseconds? Low power.

If you like my ideas, check it here: http://amzn.to/2mwSjCr . I appreciate your comments. Thanks.

„Professor, I know that you are highly esteemed, but I really don’t envy that mess in your head“

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