Neuroscience Busts Transhumanist Immortality Fantasy

Transhumanism is a materialist religion. That’s not an oxymoron. Few transhumanists believe in anything beyond mere materiality, so they look upon SCIENCE! as religionists do to God — as a future bestower of eternal life. For me, the trouble with transhumanism is the movement’s eugenic Utopianism, and anti-human exceptionalism values. But I have never thought that the movement’s prophesied “Singularity” would, like the “Rapture” embraced by certain brands of Christianity, rescue us from death. Now a prominent neuroscientist applies real science to demonstrate why a predominate transhumanist eschatological expectation of minds being uploaded into computers is a fantasy. The problem? The brain’s astonishing complexity — which neuroscientist Kenneth D. Miller details at too great a length to repeat here. The takeaway? We are all going to die. From “Will We…

Link to Full Article: Neuroscience Busts Transhumanist Immortality Fantasy

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