Neuroscience Pain Posters Designed to Educate Patients

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products (OPTP) released new neuroscience pain education posters for therapy clinics and rehabilitation centers. The posters come in a set of four: the Brain’s Pain Meeting, the Body’s Alarm System, the Pain Cycle, and Tissues: Did You Know? Each poster illustrates how neuroscience affects pain and where pain can occur in the body due to neurological causes. The posters will open dialogue between healthcare providers and their patients, enabling each side to visually see and identify what might be causing discomfort. “Pain is complex and new paradigms of pain-neuromatrix, nerve sensitivity, endocrine and immune responses to pain and neuroplasticity-have pushed physical therapy to the foreground,” wrote Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD, CSMT. Louw, who teaches and presents on neuroscience and spinal injuries. Louw partnered with OPTP to create informative and educational material…

Link to Full Article: Neuroscience Pain Posters Designed to Educate Patients

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