Neuroscientists Identify Schadenfreude Neurons

Avenue Q cast members love to sing about schadenfreude. (Image: YouTube) Secretly gloating over the misfortunes of others (a.k.a. schadenfreude) might not be the most noble of human traits, but it’s certainly universal-so much so, that it was memorably immortalized in the hit musical Avenue Q. Neuroscientists may have just identified the brain cells associated with that feeling.Ironically, discovering these so-called “schadenfreude neurons” was serendipitous-a side benefit of the main study, whose key findings were focused on neurons associated with observational learning. The gory details of both conclusions are outlined in a new paper in Nature Communications. Human beings often learn by watching how other people succeed or fail at specific tasks. That’s the essence of observational learning. “Observational learning is the cornerstone for our ability to change behavior,” senior…

Link to Full Article: Neuroscientists Identify Schadenfreude Neurons

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