New AI Can Predict When It Will Be Too Smoggy To Go Outside

IBM is developing a sophisticated computer program that can warn vulnerable populations before smog rolls in IBM loves finding odd uses for its supercomputers. For instance, the tech company’s Watson computer has already won Jeopardy, helped doctors diagnose cancer, and generated tasty recipes for chefs. Now the technology company is turning toward the environment, with a supercomputer that can learn to forecast harmful air pollution by studying data from Chinese smog sensors in Beijing. The innovative AI can predict smog levels days in advance and, in extreme cases, help policymakers decide whether to close roads or factories. In Beijing, where air pollution from coal-powered factories can become so unbearable that pedestrians must remain indoors on bad days, the system has already proven its value. “We have built a prototype system which is able to…

Link to Full Article: New AI Can Predict When It Will Be Too Smoggy To Go Outside

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