New Deep Learning and Cuda AMIs

Recently we’ve been evaluating various deep learning frameworks including Torch, Caffe, and Tensorflow to understand how they perform and scale be it on CPUs or GPUs. While evaluating performance across a vast array of hardware, ranging from singe nodes with low end GPUs to multi-node Titan X and K80 clusters featuring InfiniBand, we found that more often than note we had to build VM or bare-metal images to get up and running. As you can imagine, building the VMs, while not exactly a complex task, can be vastly time consuming particularly when one has to sort out incompatibilities between Nvidia driver versions, Cuda versions, cuDNN versions, and application versions. Long story short, we realized that we would be better off formalizing this process into tested, reliable, and optimized images which can be…

Link to Full Article: New Deep Learning and Cuda AMIs

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